Refund & Exchange Policy


Full refund up if plan does not work for you. Proof of purchase is required, such as a invoice. Merchandise may be returned at any center, but it must be returned to the same area of the center as the original purchase location. Online purchases may be subject to different refund policies.

Services or Programs.

Services or programs may be cancelled at the location where the service or program is or was to be provided, subject to any specific terms and conditions in contracts applicable to the service or program.


A primary or partner member may terminate the membership (or any member may remove or terminate himself or herself from a membership) for any reason upon advance written notice to A Fitness as provided in our membership contract with you. To provide written notice of termination, you must complete a termination request form in person at the center or send a letter request via certified mail (return receipt requested) to the center. We do not accept termination requests by phone, email, fax or online.

Termination of Membership

To terminate a membership, the member must provide advance written notice to  A Fitness©, according to their General Terms Agreement, but generally, by the end of the month in order for the termination to be effective on the first day of the following month (e.g., written notice received by A Fitness© Center between January 1 and January 31 will terminate a membership effective February 1st). Terminations are effective on the last day of a month. A member may provide written notice of termination in person at the center; by certified mail return receipt requested to their local A Fitness© facility; or as otherwise permitted by us. If a member does not provide timely advance written notice, the member will pay monthly membership dues at the regular rate for the current month, during which time the member will continue to have center access.

Birthday parties and fieldtrips

All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless written cancellation is received by this office within (30) days of the date the agreement was signed (booked). After this time, the deposit will not be refunded; however, if cancellation is received up to 48 hours before arrival date and time, the deposit can be applied to a future date and time, scheduled within 30 days of the original date. If the party is not cancelled under one of the two methods mentioned above, the deposit will be forfeited.


Please understand that any weeks denoted are a commitment on your part and that payment will automatically be charged to your credit card on file. All fees are non refundable. Please understand that the dates of camp are a commitment and if our child or children are unable to attend, you will be charged a fee of $25.00 per child per week as a non-attendance fee.

Athletic Events

We do not refund prepaid entry fees for athletic events, including but not limited to triathlons and runs.

You may cancel fitness programs (e.g., personal training, nutrition coaching, Pilates), group classes (e.g., swimming and youth fitness classes), and private or individual classes (e.g., swim lessons) only by hand delivering or sending written cancellation notice to the relevant Department Head at the center where the services were to be provided and by contacting your individual trainer, instructor or coach. We will refund all amounts paid if we receive your written cancellation notice within three (3) business days of the date you purchased the program or classes or at any time before your first session has been serviced, whichever is later. If we receive your cancellation notice after your first session has been serviced, we will refund any amount you have already paid, but we will service your paid sessions on the schedule then in effect. Unused sessions expire one year from purchase. We will refund any amount for a scheduled session that you fail to attend or fail to reschedule or postpone (by contacting your designated trainer, instructor or coach) at least 24 hours in advance. We will provide a refund or credit for programs or classes that we cancel if we cannot find a suitable alternative for the registrant.

Massage Services

If you are unsatisfied with a massage service because we did not provide it as requested, we will attempt to resolve the issue with the same or a different A Fitness© team member at no additional charge. If you are unsatisfied with a massage service even though we performed or provided it as requested, we will attempt to resolve the issue, but you will be charged for the additional work. If the issue cannot be resolved, we will refund the cost of the service. We will not pay for you to go elsewhere to resolve the issue.

Refund Methods

Unless otherwise required by law, we will issue refunds only to the payor as follows:

Credit Card - Payments made via credit card will be refunded to the same credit card account used at the time of purchase.
Cash or Check - Payments made via cash, check or bank withdrawal may be refunded by means of a A Fitness© gift card, membership dues credit, or check. Refunds for payments by check will be processed within 30 days, unless the payor provides a copy of the cleared bank draft or check from his or her financial institution in which case the refund may be made more quickly.
EFT from Bank Account - Payments made via electronic fund transfer from a bank account (EFT or ACH) may be refunded by means of a A Fitness© gift card, membership dues adjustment credit, or credit to the payor's original bank account. Refunds will be processed within 30 days.
Gift Card - Payments made via gift card will be refunded to a A Fitness Center gift card.