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Apetamin Warning


Apetamin has grown very popular over the years, please be mindful of replica bottles & pills. We have witnessed customers coming into A Fitness Gym showing us fake Apetamin bottles/pills that looks exactly like the real Apetamin. We don't know who's making them nor do we know what is really in them. Check the companies credentials if you do choose to shop somewhere else.


  • Random people selling it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform with no company license 
  • •Random stores advertising Apetamin with no credentials
  • •Out of the United States of America

For your safety - shop at a VERIFIED COMPANY© 

Here at A Fitness Gym we have certifications in medications, an in gym doctor & personal trainers with years of weight gaining experience. A Fitness has been selling Apetamin since 2002, founded in New York City. We are now international & ship all over the world. Your #1 Source for all your weight gain needs. We do not sell the pills, A Fitness ran a study in August of 2015 & has came to a conclusion that the syrup is 3x more effective. We want results.